Wherever you are in the world, whether you are on land or at sea, experienced KNS' comprehensive range of advanced stabilized antennas. KNS has expanded its series of antennas to provide a more enhanced service to its customers across a broad spectrum of environments, including On - The - Move, Military, Oil & Gas, OSVs, Leisure, Commercial shipping and Commercial Fishing.

KNS has the capability of providing exceptional military standard service for secure broadband connectivity, voice, data, video and TV Services, at very competitive prices.

1. KNS SuperTrack MK2 Series

KNS SuperTrack Z6 MK2 (61cm)

KNS SuperTrack Z10 MK2 (100cm)

KNS SuperTrack Z7 MK2 (76cm)

KNS SuperTrack Z12 MK2 (120cm)

KNS SuperTrack Z8 MK2 (83cm)

KNS SuperTrack Z15 MK2 (150cm)

2. KNS SuperTrack MK3 Series

KNS SuperTrack Z7 MK3 (75cm)

KNS SuperTrack Z8 MK3 (85cm)

KNS SuperTrack Z10 MK3 (100cm)

KNS SuperTrack Z12 MK3 (120cm)

KNS SuperTrack Z15 MK3 (150cm)